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Manufacturer of raw materials for industrial applications, Campineira lets you know a little bit more about the quality behind the products you use in your everyday life.

Our history
Indústria Campineira de Sabão e Glicerina Ltda, today based on its own 46.5 thousand m² property with a built area of 4 thousand m², was founded on August 20, 1943 under the corporate name of Fábrica Campineira de Sabão Ltda. Its founders were:

  • Archibald Roy Cox, top executive of Cia. Campineira de Tração, Luz e Força, currently CPFL;
  • Dr. Amaury Egydio de Souza Aranha, employee of Serrana - Grupo Sanbra;
  • Dr. Perceu Leite de Barros, engineer and former mayor of Campinas;
  • Dr. José Alvez Teixeira Nogueira, officer of Banco Noroeste and Banespa;
  • Dr. Gabriel Botelho Villela, lawyer;
  • Dr. Theodoro Pablo Nehin, industrial engineer, responsible for the installation of several manufacturing companies, among which the Campinas plant of Swift;
  • Francisco José Blumenthal, industrialist;
  • Dr. Marinho Ferreira Jorge, industrialist, main stockholder of the companies Café Bourbom and Café São Joaquim;
  • Dr. Renato de Almeida Prado Costallat, engineer;
  • Dr. Oswald Faber, physician, stockholder of Lápis Johan Faber.

The main objective at that time was to take advantage of unused residues of Cia. Swift do Brasil in soap manufacturing.

On December 28, 1951 the company was turned into a Joint-Stock Company, dividing its activities into fatty acid, glycerines and soaps under the corporate name of Indústria Campineira de Sabão e Glicerina S/A.

At first, Campineira was located on the corner of Rua Proença and Rua Tenente Gonçalves Meira, in the vicinities of the pleasant area of Bosque dos Jequitibás, and its address was Rua Proença, 983.

As a result of the city's development and the increase in its production, in 1956 Campineira moved to a farther place after building its own facility, where it has been located ever since.

In September 28, 1959, through succession, Mr Amauri de Camargo Moreira became the holder of a 15.5% stake in the company. Mr Amauri Moreira had worked for seven years in the sales area of E.R. Squibb & Sons do Brasil, and as of March 25, 1961, the executive board of Campineira was composed as follows:

  • F.J. Blumenthal, 16.1% of the stock;
  • Amauri de Camargo Moreira, 15.5% of the stock;
  • Dr. Oswald Faber, 11% of the stock.

The remaining 57.4% was spread among other several stockholders.

In June, 1965, the stock owned by Mr. F. J. Blumenthal was purchased by Mr. Caito Queiroz Guimarães, also a top executive coming from E.R. Squibb & Sons do Brasil, who became a member of the executive board.

Gradually, Mr Amauri de Camargo Moreira and Mr Caito Queiroz acquired all the stocks of the other stockholders, and by the end of 1969 they owned 100% of Campineira stock.

In April 4, 1970, the company changed from a Joint-Stock Company into a Limited Liability Company, being its members:

  • Mr Amauri de Camargo Moreira, with a 35% interest;
  • Ms Stella de Souza Aranha Moreira, with a 15% interest;
  • Mr Caito Queiroz Guimarães, with a 35% interest;
  • Ms Aracy Santos Guimarães, with a 15% interest;

On September 1, 1981, the members Amauri and Stella acquired the interest of the other members and the ownership has been the following ever since:

  • Mr Amauri de Camargo Moreira, with a 70% interest;
  • Ms Stella de Souza Aranha Moreira, with a 30% interest.

Currently, due to its investment policy, to the quality of its staff, and to the continuous effort to apply the best technology, Campineira presents a largely successful history and has as its main purpose the vision of providing the best to all its customers.

INDÚSTRIA CAMPINEIRA DE SABÃO E GLICERINA - VIA D. PEDRO I - KM 133,6 - 13091-902 - CAMPINAS - TEL: (55) (19) 3706-1000